Cervical Pillows

Patients ask me all the time, “What is the best pillow?”  The answer of course is, everyone is different…what works for one person may not work for the next.

In general, a pillow that can change its form is better than a pre-formed pillow.  I have done very well with pillows that are moldable—goose down, feathers, buckwheat, the water pillows, etc.  If you sleep on your back, create a nest-shaped pillow where your head is in the hollow area and your neck is supported by the edge.  You may have to push more of the “stuffing” into the edge under your neck for more support or take some out for less.  The perfect position is when your head is straight with your spine, your neck is comfortably supported, and your eyes are looking straight up towards the ceiling.  You don’t want to have your head flexed forward or extended back.

If you are a side sleeper, you have to fill in the hollow area of your nest-shaped pillow (with the stuffing) so that your head and neck are supported and again, straight with your spine.  You don’t want your head tilted up or down.  You would like the line of your eyes to be perpendicular to the plane of the bed.

If you fall asleep with your neck unsupported or your head tilted up or down, you may wake up with neck pain and headaches.

Here are some of the pillows that patients have recommended over the years:

My Pillow:  This is the one that has been advertised on TV lately.  The pillow is $90 on line but I heard they can be bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $60.  My son, Joe, loves this pillow.  There is a special going on right now (9-21-2017) where you can buy 2 pillows for $100.

Pillow Makers:  This company makes many of the pillows found in hotels.  They will custom-make you a pillow that is stuffed to your specifications.  The pillows are around $60-$70.

Sleep Right Pillow–B. H. recommended this pillow.  There are other good products here (night guards for people with bruxism (teeth grinding), etc).

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow—$20 (sold at Target, Walmart, etc).  The pillows are stuffed with 10,000,000 tiny air beads and, as a result, the pillow is very light-weight and keeps you cooler at night.  R.Y. highly recommended this pillow.