Every Tin Man Needs a Chiropractor

There is a scene in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” that is near and dear to my chiropractic heart.  Dorothy and the Scarecrow are skipping along the Yellow Brick Road when they happen upon the Tin Man.  Apparently, the Tin Man has been furiously chopping away in life and doesn’t notice the storm clouds that have been brewing overhead.  Before he knows it, the clouds open up, he is caught in a downpour and the poor old Tin Man rusts completely shut.  Every joint in his body is locked up.  Like a statue, he is stiff as a board and rendered completely non-functional.

Dorothy and the Scarecrow intervene and lubricate the joints of the Tin Man with oil.  Then they begin manipulating the rusty, crusty, kinked-up joints to bring back the motion.  Dorothy is worried that she is hurting the Tin Man.  His response and the look on his face are priceless: “It feels wonderful!”  I tell my kids that this is what mommy and daddy do on patients all day long at the clinic.

Most of my patients are like the Tin Man.  Overworking their bodies, not maintaining them properly and not paying attention to the pending storms in life leading to areas in the body that break down.  Strains and sprains to the joints bring spasm, swelling and scar tissue which cause a restrictive effect on joints to the point where they may completely lock up.  Loss of joint motion causes abnormal mechanics which can cause excess “wear and tear” in the joint and surrounding tissues.  This is the beginning of arthritis as we know it.

Take home message to all the Tin Men on Earth:

1.  Keep active but don’t over-do it.

2.  Beware the pending storms in life.

3.  Keep yourself well-lubricated (fish oil perhaps?) and eat foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature.

4.  Every Tin Man needs a chiropractor!  Once a month is recommended to keep the spinal joints free and clear of adhesions, restrictions, fixations and kinks.

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