He is the Reason for Christmas

“He is the Reason for Christmas”

—by jg halvorson—1995


I used to celebrate Christmas

With presents and holiday cheer,

Santa Claus, Rudolph, and sleigh bells,

Cookies, hot toddies, and beer.


Christmas trees, holly, and fruitcakes,

Wrappings and ribbons galore,

Ornaments, stockings and egg nog,

Christmas was fun… “Give me more!”


Gradually I noticed a problem.

I couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Christmas had changed into “Stress-mas”

A commercialized, holiday waste.


The world was full of green Grinches

Herded in lines at the mall.

Not a smile was seen on their faces,

No one was having a ball.


Resentful and bitter and lonely,

Tired and broke every year,

Were the masses of stressed, weary shoppers

With bills coming out of their ears.


Despite all the tinsel and tidings

And all of the mistletoe kissing,

An emptiness deep down inside me

Said something was desperately missing.


I blew off the dust on my Bible

And started to read of the King

Who was born in a manger on Christmas

Causing millions of angels to sing.


He came to teach love and forgiveness.

He said, “Love your neighbor and foe.”

“All you who labor and worry,

Come to me for I comfort the soul.”


He is the reason for Christmas

It said in this most Holy Book.

The Christ, the Messiah, our Savior—

You will find Him if only you look.


So now Christmas has much more meaning.

Peace, Love and Joy I have found.

Since discovering the meaning of Christmas,

I celebrate Christmas year round!

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