Patient Resources


    1.  Spinal Degeneration and Spinal Joint Dysfunction
    2.  Treatment Recommendations
    3.  Pressure Point Therapy (Myofascial Release)
    4.  Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome:  the most common condition I treat.
    5.  Cervical and Thoracic Dysfunction and Cervicogenic Headaches
    6.  Spinal Degeneration/Dysfunction Diagrams:  English Version     Spanish Version
    7.  Treatment Recommendations-Prenatal


The main topics of the Patient Resources page are:  Exercise, NutritionPressure Point Therapy, Vibration, Stress Reduction Techniques, and information on Mattresses and Pillows.  These are things that deal with taking care of yourself at home.  The more you do at home, the better you feel and the less you have to come see us at the clinic.

EXERCISE–the more fun you make it, the more likely you will be able to keep it going.  The goal is to make it a part of your life.

  • Walking—watch the video below entitled, 23.5 Hours—What is the single best thing we can do for our health?


Anti-Inflammatory Diet-Patient Handout.

Dr. Michael Greger’s website has wonderful evidence-based information on nutrition (  Watch his video, More Than An Apple A Day:  Preventing Our Most Common Diseases.

Dr. Steven Gundry gives nutritional advice (including recipes and meal plans).  Check out Dr. Gundry’s new video here.

BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIES:  I use 4 ingredients in my breakfast smoothie:  Organic Baby Spinach or Kale, Frozen Blueberries, 2 heaping tablespoons of ground flax seed, and vanilla almond milk.

Trigger Point Therapy or Pressure Point Therapy—using tennis balls or baseballs in a sock.  Up against the wall or in the car while you drive—it is a great way to reduce muscle spasm, stress, and pain.  I also recommend the TheraCane for trigger point therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

Foam Rollers for Myofascial Release:  Power Systems Foam Rollers

Vibration:  The unit that I use on my patients is the Jeanie Rub Single Speed vibrating massager.  The single speed is usually less expensive than the variable speed unit.

Mind-Body Stress Reduction Techniques

Mattress and Pillow Recommendations