The Workout–by Joe Halvorson

Basketball Workout:  by Joe Halvorson

1.  Power Jacks (jumping jacks with squat) for 1 minute

2.  Push-up Jacks (push-ups while spreading legs at bottom), In & Out Abs (arms straight in plank position, bring feet towards chest, then back out), and Push-up Abs (push-up while bending knee and bringing it towards arm).  Do 4 of each for 1 cycle.  Do 2 cycles.

3.  Power Jumps (squat and jump in air while bringing knees to your hands) for 1 minute.

30 second break

4.  Sprint/Pedals (sprint in place with quick feet, yell “hit it”, then do 4 pedals.  A pedal is a lunge, push off the lunging leg into a lunge with the other leg.  That is 1.  Do 8 of these.

5.  Push-up/Mountain Climbers (do 15 push-ups, then 15 mountain climbers).  Do this 2x.  Mountain Climbers:  start in the plank position with arms straight, bring one knee towards the chest, then the other.

6.  Basketball Squat & Jumps (squat to grab a ball off the floor, then jump up and shoot) for 1 minute.

30 second break

7.  1, 2, 3, Touch the Floor (3 steps to one side, bend outside leg to touch floor, take 3 steps to the other side, bend outside leg to touch the floor).  Do 10 of these (both sides = 1).

8.  Plank Punches (plank position with arms straight, punch with 1 arm out straight, then the other).  Do 15 of these (both arms = 1).

9.  Lunge Jumps (step back into a lunge, then come back up and explode into a one-legged jump).  Do 10 on both legs (10 on right, then 10 on left).